Voices of Grubhub: Grubhub Corporate Accounts Continues to Set Industry Standard

March 19, 2024

To showcase different perspectives and give an inside look into Grubhub, we’re spotlighting leaders across the organization. For this edition, we caught up with Jeff Mirmelstein, Vice President of Corporate Accounts, to share some background on our corporate accounts function.

Building best-in-class products and services for campus and corporate clients is one of Grubhub’s focuses for the year. Our corporate accounts team partners with thousands of businesses across the country that use Grubhub to feed employees for company-wide lunches, team celebrations, virtual meetings, and everything in between.

The last few years have been interesting for the delivery industry, especially for corporate accounts. Tell us what the horizon has been like pre-COVID to post-COVID. 

COVID had an inverse impact on our team compared to the rest of Grubhub. Pre-COVID, most of our Corporate Accounts business was focused on in-office dining, including catering, scheduled team orders, or even late-night, weekend, and overtime meals. When people stopped going into offices, it was no surprise that our business initially declined. 

Interestingly, but also not surprisingly, COVID also presented a slew of different and unique use cases to serve clients and their employees in their homes, with things like team celebrations, webinars, virtual meetings, and virtual town halls. As people started to return to the office and we were able to leverage the use cases we built during COVID, our business rebounded and quickly returned to growth. While a large portion of our in-office business was paused in early 2020 due to Covid, we’ve more than rebounded. We’re now much larger than we were before the pandemic as we service clients’ in-office and at-home use cases.

Beyond COVID, you’ve seen the competitive landscape shift in corporate accounts as more players have entered the space. As a result, what has your team done differently? 

Over the last few years, we’ve seen new players aggressively enter the corporate accounts space. Our focus is always going to be solidifying Grubhub as the best meal perks provider for clients. It’s that simple. Companies need dedicated tools and services to meet their demands, and we’re constantly making updates and adding new features. We’ve increased our focus on Fortune 1000 companies and how we can be the best service provider to those large, sophisticated organizations. Our institutional knowledge of serving corporate accounts since 1999 has given us a significant advantage, so we know what they want and need to serve them best. 

Additionally, in the last few years, we’ve introduced a self-service product, allowing medium and small organizations to quickly sign up for a corporate account and start placing orders the same day. This frees up the enterprise team to spend more time building relationships with prospective clients and makes the onboarding process clearer and quicker for our SMB clients.

What are the key priorities your team is going after in 2024? 

Loyalty will continue to be a big one for us. We have our loyalty subscription program, Grubhub+, and we’re thinking through new ways about how it could be a complementary benefit for our Corporate clients.  

And as I mentioned earlier, we’re focused on maintaining our position as the platform of choice for businesses of all sizes. This includes large, complex accounts that require a more granular look into how their organization is spending, to a small, single-digit person office for their weekly lunches.

For more information on Grubhub Corporate Accounts, please visit here.