Grubhub Enables Restaurants to Serve More Neighborhoods and Reach More Diners on the Grubhub Marketplace with Supplemental Delivery

November 10, 2021

Restaurants that manage their own deliveries on Grubhub can now expand their delivery ranges on our Marketplace with the help of Grubhub drivers

Independent restaurants have long been the backbone of the Grubhub Marketplace across the country, including the tens of thousands of restaurants that to this day handle their own delivery logistics and use Grubhub to drive demand to their business. That’s why today we’re excited to continue serving this vital set of restaurants through Supplemental Delivery, which expands a self-delivery restaurant’s existing delivery boundaries on the Grubhub Marketplace to allow them to reach more diners with the help of Grubhub’s fleet of more than 100,000 drivers.

We’ve heard from many of our restaurant partners that hiring is more difficult now than ever before. With these labor challenges top of mind, we developed Supplemental Delivery to help restaurants reach more diners through Grubhub without adding extra strain to their existing drivers. Orders placed by diners on Grubhub within the restaurant’s existing delivery boundary continue to be delivered by the restaurant’s driver. Orders placed by diners on Grubhub within the newly expanded boundary are sent to a restaurant’s Grubhub tablet just like their other Grubhub orders, but they are clearly marked as being for pickup and delivery by a Grubhub driver. Our restaurant partners that are already using Supplemental Delivery have more than doubled the diners they are able to reach on the Grubhub Marketplace.

“We’re always looking for ways to better serve our restaurant partners and drive them more orders, which is exactly why we’re offering Supplemental Delivery,” said Kevin Kearns, senior vice president of restaurants at Grubhub. “Knowing that many operators are struggling with staffing right now, we’re proud to offer this additional support to restaurants on Grubhub and allow them to continue focusing on their operations, while acquiring more diners and capitalizing on previously untapped business.”

We value our partnerships with restaurants and will continue to find ways to roll out innovative features and product offerings that help us better serve them so that they can get the most out of our partnership.